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Google+ Recruiting


GOOGLE+ Is A Powerful Recruiting Tool If You Know How To Use It!

Why Job Seekers Are Also Using Google+: Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Now, Google+? There are so many social network options to choose from these days for someone to market and brand themself to potential employers, it’s hard to know where to begin.

The latest social media tool in the job seekers’ arsenal is Google+.

Unlike other social media sites, Google+ is a great way for someone to keep their social life separate from your professional life in one smooth interface. While it doesn’t replace Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for job networking, Google+ is another way to connect with potential employers and find job leads.

If you have a personal GOOGLE+ account it does not really matter. We do not recommend that you use your personal GOOGLE+ page for NROTC recruiting.

You do have an alternative. Create your NROTC Division “Company Page” on GOOGLE+..

As a Division Manager we will give you the authorization and if you want, go to GOOGLE+ using your Google username and password and create an additional account for your NROTC Division “Company Page” HERE

Right-Click NROTC’s Official Seal to the right-above and save it to your computer with a right-click for uploading to GOOGLE+.

When adding “Company Name” enter “(Your Division Name) – NROTC”.

After you create your company page now you will want to create postings. As people see your postings, they will be able to go directly to NROTC’s Employment Information Page or to Your Division Page.

Note: NROTC does have the right to exercise some control over the content of your Division Google+ page. We just don’t want you making false claims and such.

Take a look at NROTC’s GOOGLE+ profile page to get a rough idea. Your GOOGLE+ page will be a little different. Click Here

Not knowing just how familiar you are with GOOGLE+ most of this is easy. If you are unfamiliar, you should be able to get the hang of it easy enough.

Your GOOGLE+ Header Image: (Feel free to use this if you want)

Right-Click this image to save it to your computer for uploading to GOOGLE+.


Help people find your content by hashtagging your GOOGLE+ posts. The # symbol in front of keywords identifies your posts to people searching for related information. For instance, the use of #jobs, #hiring, #work #SalesJobs #OutsideSales #VeteranJobs #JobPostings #EmploymentOpportunities or whatever you like will attract job seekers and expand the reach of your posts. When hashtagging phrases, always capitalize each word in the phrase.

Hashtag Hint: Because you are looking for people who reside within your division, I recommend that you use more specific hashtags such as #Jobs(YourState) #Jobs(YourCity) #(YourState)SalesJobs #(YourCity)SalesJobs #Employment(YourState) #Employment(YourCity) etc.

Copy and Paste any of my GOOGLE+ posts or use your own content or hashtag ideas. Post regularly and often for best results.

My posting images are the same that I use on all social media advertising. They can be found again HERE

Important Note: ROTATE your ads, adding at least one, perhaps a few of your oldest postings, as new postings regularly if not daily.

PINTEREST Is A Powerful Recruiting Tool If You Know How To Use It!


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Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service

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