Remembering All Who Serve & Have Served

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Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served


military and veterans

10pxh_white_spaceThe National Remember Our Troops Campaign is a 501(c)(3) military and veterans charity dedicated to remembering the service and sacrifice of all military servicemembers, all veterans and their families, supporting those in need and letting them know they are not forgotten.

corporate givingencourages you to Remember Our Troops and Veterans…
If you serve or have served, Thank You!

Please watch this touching three minute video:

blackstarNROTC is active combating stress, PTSD and suicide among servicemembers and veterans.

blackstarNROTC provides employment for unemployed veterans and assistance to veterans who are homeless or have fallen on hard times.

blackstarNROTC works to RAISE AWARENESS in local communities throughout our population, of military and veteran’s issues, and to provide ways for Americans to become involved in supporting our troops and veterans.



Veteran Homelessness

Donations help support NROTC’s
In today’s tough economic times, many of our servicemembers, veterans and their families, particularly those who have been recently deployed, through no fault of their own, find themselves unemployed, under-employed, homeless or AT-RISK of being homeless.
Often overlooked is the military spouse or military family who may be living close or miles from their loved-one serving… who may also be in dire need of help and support. NROTC wants to help these families also, especially the young mom with young children involved.

September through December 31, 2016: NROTC in cooperation with other individuals and groups, has helped in the rebuilding of two veterans shelters, extending in-house PTSD counseling days, putting a snow emergency vehicle on the road in West Virginia to get veterans back and forth to VA hospitals and more. “CHARITABLE TIMELINE”

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service
National Remember Our Troops Campaign, Inc. (“NROTC”) is a Maryland nonprofit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under IRS § 501(c)(3). All donations or contributions made payable to NROTC are fully tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. EIN: 26-0098940
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