Alex Rich

May 10th, 1955 - December 18th, 2017

God gained an angel on Monday, December 18th, 2017, Our President Alexander Rich died in his home of natural causes. Mr. Rich provided both leadership and an atmosphere of team work to the organization. Alexander Rich came to the NROTC with a 35-year background in fundraising in the non-profit sector, including 4 Veteran based charities.

In 2007 he decided to dedicate his life to helping veterans, and the families of our fallen heroes. He was especially focused on helping honorably discharged combat veterans who by no fault of their own have fallen on hard times and found themselves to be unemployed or homeless. "No honorably discharged veteran should ever find themselves without meaningful employment or a roof over their heads," according to the words, deeds and purpose of our now past president. He partnered with Dr. Whiteside as they focused (like a laser) and began the massive task of retooling, and reorganizing the charity.

Although Al never served in the military he had a real heart for everyone who did. Apparently, he had been sick for a long time but never told anyone. His only surviving brother, Grant Rich said; “Al was the most giving person I ever knew.”


My NROTC journey started under Founder Tom Ruley who was the President from our start in 2006 till the VP Alexander Rich was elected at the end of Tom’s last Term, the 2016 fiscal Year. Al was focused on one thing – helping as many Veterans and Military Families as possible. We shared that focus and vision. A great deal of our re-tooling is now being shouldered by our new web-master. Because Mr. Rich had done all of our back-office programs we have had to first learn the programs and get the administrator privileges transferred. Therefore, as President, I ask for your patience while we get this accomplished. Thanks to our great team as shown on the OUR TEAM page it is the intention of our Executive Committee to have this accomplished by the end of summer. I am both blessed and privileged to work with such a capable team.  To say Al will be missed is a massive understatement. But we have his purpose and faith to guide us.

MaGarret C. Whiteside, USMC Ret.