Remembering All Who Serve & Have Served

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Table Setups – Field Donations and Everything In Between

Are you confused yet?

Here at NROTC we understand that for new people some of this can be a little confusing. It is really not all that complicated if you take the time to do your reading here on our instructions pages.

As you may realize by now, In addition to the management positions we have available, NROTC provides fundraisers with three income streams. In order to derive income from any of these they each require a separate Agreement with NROTC

Our Three Fundraising Income Streams Are:

*Tele-Fundraising from home

*Donation Table Representative

*Field Representative

Tele-Fundraising from home – If you are considering this one we will warn you ahead of time. This one is NOT easy!… We recommend against it unless you have telemarketing experience and know what you are getting into!… In fact, right now we only hire people who can demonstrate at least two years telemarketing experience and have the discipline to do this from home. This is NOT a job for beginners!… We rarely take a chance on newbies because of all the training involved only to have someone quit when they learn how difficult this really is. If you still want to learn more, visit:

Field Representative and Donation Table Representative:

Any Field Representative can become a Donation Table Representative AND any Donation Table Representative can become a Field Representative. As long as you are authorized by NROTC and have a signed Agreement for each position.

Often when doing both, you will have two different managers. A Division Manager will provide field training and supervision while our Event Coordinators will book stores for you and provide help in addition to the training we provide at the national or regional levels.

Donation Table Representatives setup their donation tables at various public locations. Most of these setups will be by appointment. Donation Table Representatives are paid 30% of total table donations. Donation Table Representatives may reimburse themselves for mileage and other authorized table expenses.

Donation Table Representative Portal HERE

Field Representatives are paid 40% commission on donation dollars received in the field. This is business to business (B2B) fundraising. There is no travel or other expense reimbursement.

Field Representative Portal HERE


It is critically important that you report your donations either as “Table Setup Donations” or “Field Donations”. We have separate online reporting forms for each.

Report Table Donations Online at

Report Field Donations Online at

*A “ONE STOP” – What is it?

*Here is where some clarification is required. A “ONE STOP” is a table setup that is reported as a field donation.

For explanation purposes let’s say that you have a Field Representative Agreement with NROTC or you have both, Field Representative and Donation Table Representative. For this explanation it makes no difference.

Let’s say that you have called on a business owner as a Field Representative and his business would be an ideal location to setup a donation table… What are your options and if you setup a table at his location… How do you report it?


If you pickup a company check (Money Order, Cash, Credit or Debit Card) from a business owner/manager and give him/her a “NROTC Donation Receipt”, this gets reported as a FIELD DONATION. For this one you are paid a Field Representative’s commission of 40%.

If you setup a Donation Table at a location and you DO NOT leave a “NROTC Donation Receipt”, this gets reported as a TABLE DONATION. For this one you are paid a Table Representative’s commission of 30% of total donations. Your regular authorized expense reimbursements apply. Typically a Donation Table Representative DOES NOT give the owner/manager a receipt.

A “ONE STOP” – If you setup a Donation Table at a location and you count-out these donations before leaving AND LEAVE A NROTC RECEIPT for the amount you collected at this business on this day, so this business can claim a tax-deduction for the amount you collected… THIS IS A “ONE STOP” – Report this as a FIELD DONATION. For this one you are paid a Field Representative’s commission of 40%. Because you are being paid a Field Representative’s commission there are no travel or expense reimbursements.

NOTE: Some people are being creative with this a number of different ways that often result in;

1. …a company check in addition to a day’s table donations.

2. …an appointment to return another day to setup a donation table regardless of whether or whether not you are picking-up a company check during a field donation ask.

We hope you have a better understanding now.


Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service

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