A Passionate Team

With Weekly business meetings, we celebrate as a team focused on delivering real results for Veterans and their families.

 Garret Whiteside

Cross Junction, VA
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Dr. Garret Whiteside is a Retired LTC from the USMC.  He is a former VP of Bitek International, Inc., and former CEO of Whiteside Consulting. Garret served as the Acting President to complete Mr. Rich’s term. Garret knows he has very large shoes to fill. He will continue his duties as Executive Director under the Audit Committee as the board of Trustees has consolidated the positions. As National Director and Executive Director he has worked tirelessly to ensure that NROTC was always able to increase our support of veterans and Military Families in need with special emphasis on the homeless within that community. Now as our new President he is more focused than ever.

Cynthia Budhisetiawan
Webmaster & 
Chairman of The Board
Audit Committee

Winston-Salem, NC

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Mrs. Cynthia Budhisetiawan (a/k/a Cyndi Budhi) came to NROTC as an Authorized Representative and quickly became our Webmaster. When our Chairman of the Board resigned at the end of the year of 2017, she started the year of 2018 with the acceptance of the nomination for the position of Chairman of the Board.

Stanley Beers
Treasurer & Head of the Audit Committee

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The first thing changed under the new management last January was accountability and  transparency. The board still maintains full oversight. Now the executive committee reports monthly to the audit committee. The operational committee made up of the 3 regional managers, who also hold board positions meet weekly with the president.

Members of the audit committee are: the President, the Treasurer, and two Board Members. The operational committee: is made up of three Regional Managers. The executive committee is made up of the President, and the Chairman of the board, and the Webmaster.

This provides fiscal, operational, and technical expertise that is ultimately controlled by the trustees, quarterly

Lisa Sietsma
Eastern Regional Manager

Fundraiser Committee Head

Operational Committee

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Stephanie Armentrout
Central Regional Manager

National Secretary

Operational Committee


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Claydee Dunks-Martin
Western Regional Manager

Bylaw Committee

Executive Committee

Operational Committee

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Wayne Jones
Bylaw Committee Head

Audit Committee


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Tom Ruley, now fully retired from NROTC
Essex, MD
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Mr. Ruley founded National Remember Our Troops Campaign in 2004 according to the Maryland Articles of Incorporation. He served as the President from it’s founding, completing his is last term with the 2016 fiscal year when Alexander Rich took the helm. In January of 2017 the new board of trustees under the direction of the new Executive Committee started the march toward increasing Programs while decreasing administrative expenses. Although now fully retired from the board of trustees Tom still houses and maintains responsibility for all records prior to January of 2017. He also continues to act as the Maryland State Residency Registrar for the Corporation. The NROTC motto he created: Remembering All who serve and have served; remains as his legacy. Mr. Ruley formally resigned from the board of Trustees in December of 2017.


Nonprofit organizations are governed by a Board of Trustees. The “Trustees” determine by majority vote, the salaries of our personnel so that a fair but not excessive amount is paid to its executives and employees, as compared to similarly situated profit and not for profit business organizations. They exercise control over all fiscal related issues including budgets and distribution of assets. They
also are instrumental in determining the direction of our organization. Our “Trustees” bring to the table much experience in business administration and can be counted on to exercise fiscal responsibility and restraint. Most importantly, our Trustees can be relied on for their morals, ethics and common sense as trusted fiduciaries of our organization.


Eino (Ed) D’Amario – Trustee

Essex, MD

USAF Veteran

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Donald (Slim) Pletka – Trustee

Baltimore, MD

Vietnam Veteran

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Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service
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