Remembering All Who Serve & Have Served

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Host A Wounded Warrior or Veteran Event

National Remember Our Troops Campaign

invites you to host a Wounded Warrior or Veteran event in your area. Honor them, show them a little fun and recognition!

Here is a good example:

NROTC and Berman Enterprises LP Hosted a Dinner for Wounded Troops from The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Fort George G. Meade

This dinner consisting of ninety people, was held at Nick’s Chophouse in Rockville, Maryland, to honor our wounded troops.

wounded warriorFormer Governor Robert L. Erhlich and Jeffrey Berman share family photos with SSG Rafael Delgado from Walter Reed.

Representing Berman Enterprises was Jeffrey Berman and Theresa Blankenship. In attendance was former Governor of the State of Maryland, Robert L. Ehrlich, who congratulated Jeffrey Berman on his idea to host this event. “Jeff is a friend and comes from a good family, good stock. Good people do good things. He doesn’t want credit for this. This is his way of saying thank you to the troops.”

From The National Remember Our Troops Campaign, co-sponsor of the event was Tom Ruley, NROTC Founder and President; NROTC’s Senior Advisor and National Spokesperson U.S. Army Reserve Brigadier General Michael J. Silva; Charles V. Tramazzo Jr., NROTC Senior Advisor, Marketing & Development and Janet Sobus, NROTC General Manager.

support wounded warriorsNROTC President Tom Ruley awards former Governor Ehrlich and Jeffrey Berman with Certificates of Appreciation. From left to right, Tom Ruley, General Michael Silva, Former Governor Bob Ehrlich, Jeffrey Berman and Charles Tramazzo.

From The Military Order of the Purple Heart, Greater Washington Chapter 353, Adjutant and retired Army Colonel, Steve Cobb. From the various military hospitals was Chris Lewis and Michele Clark, with the Soldier and Family Assistance Center at Fort Meade; Sean Keller, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Allison Morris with National Naval Medical Center.

The dinner began with an invocation by SPC Pammy Truitt from the Fort Meade Warrior Transition Unit. Nick’s Chophouse was the perfect location to provide a relaxed atmosphere to dine on excellent cuisine for these troops, many of who have seldom left the hospital since their return home from the war.

wounded warriors
Pictured here are a few of our honored guests. It was a good night out for everyone!

“Mr. Berman of Berman Enterprises LP has allowed this event to happen,” Mr. Ruley said with much gratitude.

Berman Enterprises LP, are Real Estate Developers located at 5410 Edson Lane, Suite 220, Rockville, Maryland 20852.



We encourage all readers on this page to consider sponsoring or hosting ANY TYPE OF RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY in your area, to benefit some of your local veterans. Take pictures and send them to us. See yourself here on our website doing something noble… They served our country proudly… Honor them… Show them a little fun, relaxation, recreation and much-deserved recognition!

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Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service

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