Has been supporting our troops and veterans since 2004


Just a Few of the ways we have been able to help our Veterans with the help of your donations are...



This is the table that started the funding for the California stand downs for 2017. Hosted by The National Remember Our Troops Campaign Western Regional Manager Claydee Dunks-Martin.

Volunteers travel throughout Story County, VT to help area homeowners prepare their homes for colder weather.  This event ran from September 15th to September 21st  was part of The VA sponsored make a difference day.

Sigma Phi Volunteers sent by National Remember Our Troops Campaign worked together to help local disabled Veteran homeowners weatherize their homes, in teams of 3-7. 34 members signed up to make the trip. 28 went on a small Campus bus. They stayed 4 night and worked 3 full 10 to 12 hour days. They did 30 Veteran homes.    provided Gas and food at a cost of $674.88. Most ate at subway and a local dinner. They paid the hotel as part of their in kind donation.

Tasks Included: covering windows with plastic and insulating doors and outlets

For homeowners, weatherization is important to save on energy costs by insulating windows, outlets and doors.

Sigma Phi Epsilon was established in 1901. Mission to create the balanced man. They are international. Two chapters are  Volunteers, Pennsylvania State University and University of Maryland. 






The National Remember Our Troops Campaign had joined forces with Hands On Birmingham To deliver cards under our Visit a Vet Program and put together 100 Hygiene packs for the two stand downs in GA.   They also hosted an event for in 2016



The National Remember Our Troops Campaign had joined forces with Samaritan Purse and the Cajun Navy to assist in the rescue of Hurricane Harvey victims.  With your donations, we were able to provide the fuel for 150 boats.  Allowing the Cajun Navy to rescue just over 5,000 stranded families!  of those rescued they reported 2,375 were Veteran or Military families.



partnered with Heart to Heart to donate $ .  They were able to make Hygiene packets to be distributed to some of the hardest hurricane Harvey's hit areas. With this partnership, we were able to assist our veterans in these areas and get them the toiletry items needed while they are rebuilding their lives.




The National Remember Our Troops Campaign has joined forces with the Operation Reveille project, which aims to help homeless veterans with the transition into permanent housing at events all over the country called Stand-Downs. NROTC provides pocket-size resource cards with emergency contacts, a 30-day supply of toiletries, a warm blanket and comfort pillows to veterans at these events…everything they need while they’re waiting to get settled into their new homes.


The Wreath Honoring Gold Star Mothers was placed at the base of the THE VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL in Washington D.C on Memorial Day 2017.  provided the wreath, and was Presented by Brigadier General Roger Turner Jr. Assistant Commandant for the Marine Corp honoring the Gold Star Families.

Our greeting card program has been proven

effective in suicide prevention in both disabled

veterans AND deployed troop members!





Our “Get Well” cards are a hit among disabled veterans in VA hospitals. Often times, these veterans are lonely and have no family or friends. Imagine the smiles when a visitor shows up with a Get Well card and listening ears!





MAIL CALL IS GOLD!! For a deployed troop member, life can get pretty lonely. We send our “Thank You for Serving” cards with words of encouragement written on them to deployed troop members who could use some contact with the outside world.