Remembering All Who Serve & Have Served

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Support Troops and Vets – Register Your Event Here

Thank You For Wanting To Support Troops and Vets!


Please Note: Your Benefit or Event may or may not involve fundraising.


Regarding any press release or print advertising of your event, you are restricted to the use of only one graphic. For more information see our PRESS RELEASE TEMPLATE.


*On this Form we ask you to include “EVENT NAME”. The Name of your Event cannot include NROTC or National Remember Our Troops Campaign. You are NOT to advertise your event as a NROTC event. Your event should be “NAMED” naming yourself, your group or organization… and your type of event (car show, swap meet, biker run, etc)… It is okay to include in your materials and advertising… TO BENEFIT -OR- PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT -OR- PROCEEDS BENEFIT IN PART… The National Remember Our Troops Campaign, or simply “Homeless and disadvantaged veterans”.

If you are setting-up a table at a store or other event, provide this information in the “Event Name” box.

Please give us good, detailed information in the “Event Description Box”.

About Volunteer Donation Tables

About Other Types of Volunteer Fundraiser Events

Questions: Call our office at 1-800-951-3770 Ext 2 between 9:00AM and 5PM EST Monday through Friday.


Thank you for wanting to support troops and help veterans.
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Setting-up and hosting a NROTC Card Signing Station is simple and easy. We do require you to be familiar with NROTC and our procedures. NROTC has managers in place to provide BASIC TRAINING and answer your questions.
Have you gone through NROTC Basic Training?
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Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service

National Remember Our Troops Campaign, Inc. (“NROTC”) is a Maryland nonprofit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under IRS § 501(c)(3). All donations or contributions made payable to NROTC are fully tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. EIN: 26-0098940

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