Remembering All Who Serve & Have Served

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REPRESENTATIVE PORTAL – Getting Started Information

support our troopsThe National Remember Our Troops Campaign is a 501(c)(3) military and veterans charity dedicated to remembering the service and sacrifice of all military servicemembers, all veterans and their families, supporting those in need and letting them know they are not forgotten.

Welcome To The

National Remember Our Troops Campaign

Representative Portal

Thank You For Wanting To Support Troops and Help Disadvantaged Veterans and Their Families.

Bookmark this page. You will be needing to come back from time to time.

Remember – You are an Independent Contractor and personally responsible for paying your federal, state and local taxes where applicable.

All Donation Representatives should join our TABLEREP FACEBOOK GROUP because this is where many critical updates are posted and questions are answered. Join us on FACEBOOK at:

If you do not have a FACEBOOK account, you’ll need to create one.

All Reps are invited to become NROTC.ORG Affiliates. You will receive commission on website donations when people are using your special NROTC Affiliate link/code. Click here to register:

Part of your job will be to set up and host “EDUCATIONAL AND DONATION TABLES” at events and retail locations.

*While most events are on weekends, retail locations are available during the week.

NROTC provides location bookings for all Reps.

*You control your personal scheduling.

*All Representatives are required to keep the schedules they setup.


Most charities dedicate 10% of their gross donations to the people needing their help. In 2016 NROTC provided 48.6% of all donations to people who needed it. Please see the IRS 990 Form provided.

Representative commissions are paid same day as donations are audited by the Rep and one other person.


Our Representatives help veterans and military families while making an average of $10.00 to $30.00 an hour in commissions.

Get yourself a portable table. If you don’t have one your Regional Manager will help.

A Branded NROTC Table

NROTC Card Signing Table

Required supplies are covered during training.

Your Table Supplies Ordering Page:
(Here you will find everything you need to setup your table)


The order supplies link is only provided to give you an example.

You will be taught what to say, how to greet people the NROTC way and all aspects related to properly representing NROTC


NROTC does provide expense reimbursement for approved expenses. This is covered in your training manual.


NROTC pays 30% commissions.

NROTC pays commissions same day event is completed.


Every NROTC Representative uses the same ONLINE Tracking Sheet.

After your event is complete, count out your donations… withdraw your mileage reimbursement, authorized expenses and commission in cash from your donation container, NEXT… complete and submit your “ONLINE EVENT TRACKING SHEET”.

Tracking Sheet Screenshot

Report your event details here:

While on your Online Tracking Sheet you will also scan and upload your expense receipts. (mileage reimbursement receipts not required)

After completing your ONLINE TRACKING SHEET, send your “Net To NROTC” donations, with a money order made payable to NROTC, by U.S.P.S. “First Class Mail” within 24 hours of the completion of your event to:

NROTC Accounting Office
122 Greenwood Court
Cross Junction VA 22625


As with any new position there is typically a learning process involved.
Your assigned Regional Manager will:

1. Your Regional Manager will walk you through each new step.

2. Your Regional Manager is available from 8:00am to 6:00pm local time to answer all questions that come up.

3. Full training and support is provided.


Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service

National Remember Our Troops Campaign, Inc. (“NROTC”) is a Maryland nonprofit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under IRS § 501(c)(3). All donations or contributions made payable to NROTC are fully tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. EIN: 26-0098940

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