Remembering All Who Serve & Have Served

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NROTC’s Veteran Services Team


NROTC Veteran Services Team

blackstarNROTC’s Team of dedicated mostly veteran, mostly volunteer, mostly retired, professionals come to us with a diverse skills background and a sincere desire to help our veterans and veteran families when they are in need. Our Team Members gladly offer their time and professional experience providing one-on-one, case-by-case assistance to a veteran as part of NROTC’s:

NROTC Veterans Assistance Helpline






NROTC’s ASSISTANCE HELPLINE is unique in its services. The 800# is answered live and is not a recording unless a member of our Professional Services Team is assisting another Veteran or Military Family. Our specialists are experienced service officers who work directly with the VA, other charities and corporations who provide direct assistance and grants. EVERY MISSED CALL IS CALLED BACK WITHIN 48 HOURS. So far in 2017 NROTC has received 255 calls resulting in confirmed assistance to 241 Veterans and Military Families.

NROTC believes that no veteran or military family, especially a military family with young children involved, should ever find themselves living on the streets due to lack of transportation, meaningful employment or government assistance.

blackstarVETERANS FIND NROTC via internet searches and referrals from various other agencies.

blackstarTHE NEED IS WIDESPREAD ACROSS THE USA AND CRITICAL! When a veteran is in a crisis situation oftentimes it is financial matter and in other cases it is not. Either way, this is where NROTC may be able to step-in and intervene on a veteran’s behalf to help in some way.

blackstarNROTC, THE VETERAN’S ADVOCATE! Our Veterans Service Team when possible, will advocate on behalf of veterans as needed, reaching out to lenders, service providers and other key players to problem-solve or cut through red tape. Once all needs have been addressed, the case is closed, but veterans can call back at any time for further assistance.

blackstarNROTC’s ACTIVISM REACHES-OUT EVEN FURTHER to include forging partnerships and relationships with other agencies and funders to initiate and expedite any such actions that will have the end result of helping veterans and veteran families.

NROTC Recent Activity To Support Troops and Veterans

September through December 31, 2016: NROTC in cooporation with other individuals and groups has helped in the rebuilding of two veterans shelters, extending in-house PTSD counseling days, putting a snow emergency vehicle on the road in West Virginia to get veterans back and forth to VA hospitals and more. We have been able to LEVERAGE our recent donation dollars received into $593,667 in value to our veterans over only the last four months!

Help Homeless Veterans

Veteran Homelessness


help homeless veteransWhen it comes to asking for money to support our troops, our wounded heroes, homeless and disadvantaged veterans or their families, we can never ask for too much… however, all we ask, is that you just do what you can.

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Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service

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