Remembering All Who Serve & Have Served

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Recruiting Volunteer Tablereps

support our troopsThe National Remember Our Troops Campaign is a 501(c)(3) military and veterans charity dedicated to remembering the service and sacrifice of all military servicemembers, all veterans and their families, supporting those in need and letting them know they are not forgotten.

Volunteering Makes America Great!

The United States has a long history of volunteering. Last year 62.6 million people volunteered in some way. Volunteering to help military veterans in need and their families is a noble thing to do! Many people are eager to volunteer for this cause.

Recruiting Volunteer Tablereps

A few years ago NROTC registered with many volunteer agencies nationwide while we were looking for work-at-home telefundraising volunteers. Some of our registrations with these agencies are still active. Some are not.

Regardless, you will want to create NEW REGISTRATIONS with these volunteer agencies. When creating your new registration, name it with your division name, example; “Atlanta Division, NROTC”, “Baltimore Division, NROTC” etc.

As you will learn if you are unaware, most of these volunteer agencies have their own websites and ONLINE REGISTRATION PROCEDURES!

1. Do not register with any agency until you have been issued your NROTC EMAIL ADDRESS!!!… Use your NROTC email address only – when registering with volunteer agencies.
2. Each time you establish a NEW connection with a volunteer agency whether updating a current registration or creating a new registration, you are required to take a minute to inform NROTC. Do this easily online at

Here is a sample new ad:

Card Signing/Donation Table Volunteers Needed
Volunteer to support troops and disadvantaged veterans.
Be willing travel within 25 miles from home.
Mileage reimbursement at 25 cents per mile round trip.
Other expense reimbursement is provided.
You will need a 4 to 6 foot collapsible table.
This is a fun way and a great way to volunteer!
Learn more at
Or Call (Your Name) (Your Phone Number)…. Optional

You will find that most of the people you talk to at these volunteer centers are very friendly and helpful. We suggest that you call them and establish a good working relationship with them. You just may find that they are willing to send you many volunteers on a regular basis.

By the way, we can also accept court-ordered community service volunteers. You can also contact the courts and various “Alternative Sentencing” offices. Please be careful not to accept anyone with theft, forgery, violence, sex crime, drug or alcohol charges or convictions!… Many people are assigned community service for minor violations.

To pursue court-ordered community service volunteers visit APPA, The American Probation and Parole Association at Click “Resources” > “Link Directory” > “Corrections” and “Law Enforcement”. Also Google “Alternative Sentencing” + (Your State, County etc.).

Here is our Agency Contact Spreadsheet from a few years ago:

Feel free to contact the ones within your division.

Good Luck with them!

Google “Volunteers of America + (Your area/state)” … This one is not on our list and is a good resource for volunteers.

No doubt there are others out there… Go crazy on Google!

You’ll find plenty individual volunteers on the social media sites and social media groups too!

Don’t overlook “Service Learning”

Many if not most high schools, colleges and universities require students to complete a certain number of Service Learning hours before they can graduate. This can be a good source.


Registering with a New Agency:

In the file below we have included most of our pertinent information for easy copy and paste when transferring our information to a new agency online:

NROTC’s Seal/Logo: Save this image to your computer and feel free to upload it to any agency website if requested when registering. Left-Click to save.

National Remember Our Troops Campaign

Seniors make great volunteers! Google “senior centers + (your area) OR… Download our list of 10,267 Senior Center phone numbers nationwide. They are sorted by area code. Call the area codes within your division.

Senior Center Phone Numbers USA

The “Retired Senior Volunteer Program” (RSVP) is nationwide and you’ll find volunteers at local senior centers! AARP “Create the Good” is great!… There are many other volunteer sources to be sure.

Investigate this page! (All with active links)

The first few top rows are all national agencies but you can create local ads with them.

Study-up and get registered with the “U.S. Army Volunteer Corps”. Download the “Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS) Organization Points of Contact (OPOC) User Guide” HERE

Oftentimes when a volunteer is completing community service hours they are reporting those hours to another volunteer coordinator from the agency who referred the volunteer to you. Sometimes the volunteer is responsible for reporting their hours. Sometimes you will be responsible for reporting their hours. The nice thing about grocery stores and such is that the store manager can “sign off” on their volunteer hours before they leave a location after doing a table setup.

A Fundraising Program for Scouts, Teams or Clubs:

You are already aware that NROTC allows a volunteer to reimburse themselves up to 25% of their donation container for expenses. Here is a little variation; Why not contact Boy Scout Troops, Girl Scout Troops, Little League Baseball Teams, Soccer Teams etc., and offer them an opportunity to do “Card-Signing Donation Table Setups” to support our troops and veterans while keeping 25% of the donations to purchase uniforms or other items for their troop, team or club etc?… NROTC will allow this.

Corporate Volunteer Recruiting and Co-Branding:

As a Volunteer Coordinator you should not overlook the possibility corporate volunteer recruiting. Contact major corporations, even small and midsize businesses, who would like to be seen in their community as supporters of our troops, veterans and veteran families in need. Any participating company will be able to co-brand with us by having their brochures and such on our table and their employees provide an excellent source of volunteers. Additionally, many of these businesses are able to provide you with the ability to setup our table at their location while soliciting their employees and/or customers for donations.

Here are additional forms that you will need from time to time:

These forms are provided in a number of various formats for easy editing. Be sure to add YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION in place of NROTC’s (header excepted) – so you and the agency’s volunteer coordinator can communicate with each other. It is suggested that you convert these files to .pdf before sending.

There are several free PDF converter/printer programs available for download if you don’t have one installed on your computer.

These forms are provided in a number of various formats for easy editing. Be sure to add YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION in place of NROTC’s (header excepted) – so you and the agency’s volunteer coordinator can communicate with each other. It is suggested that you convert these files to .pdf before sending.

Table Volunteer Approval Certificate

Letter of Acceptance

Volunteer Information and Hours Log

Letter of Completion

Agency Profile

Volunteer Agreement

Learn more about…
veterans assistance

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Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service

National Remember Our Troops Campaign, Inc. (“NROTC”) is a Maryland nonprofit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under IRS § 501(c)(3). All donations or contributions made payable to NROTC are fully tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. EIN: 26-0098940

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National Remember Our Troops Campaign