Remembering All Who Serve & Have Served

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Thank Servicemembers and Veterans With A Greeting Card

servicemembers and veterans

has a 10 year history of supporting servicemembers and veterans. Show them you care with a great greeting card.

Servicemembers and Veterans

Saying “Thank You For Your Service” to a servicemember
and “Get Well Soon” to a veteran is a great thing to and NROTC makes it easy!

Just complete the short form below and we will send you a “Thank You For Your Service” and a “Get Well Soon” card by mail with a convenient return envelope. Due to the cost of the cards and postage all we ask is that you promise to sign them, write some heartfelt notes of support and encouragement… and send them back.

While NOT required, any voluntary donation you may decide to enclose when returning your cards is entirely up to you. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and help to support NROTC’s:


According to The National Coalition For Homeless Veterans, the most effective programs for homeless and at-risk veterans are community-based, nonprofit, “veterans helping veterans” groups.

Learn more about NROTC’s Emergency Aid and Assistance Program

When we receive your cards, we will forward them on and we know they we be appreciated!… and you will be helping us accomplish our mission to support our troops and veterans… THANK YOU!!!

Please send my cards. I might enclose a check when returning them to you:

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I AM DONATING ONLINE. Please enclose my cards with my TAX RECEIPT:

National Remember Our Troops Campaign

With your tax-receipt that we will send to you by mail, we will enclose a “Thank You For Your Service” card and a “Get Well Soon” card, along with a return envelope. We ask you to please take a moment to sign these cards, include any personal hand-written notes of support and encouragement, return them to us and we will forward them on to a servicemember and hospitalized veteran.



Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service

National Remember Our Troops Campaign, Inc. (“NROTC”) is a Maryland nonprofit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under IRS § 501(c)(3). All donations or contributions made payable to NROTC are fully tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. EIN: 26-0098940

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