Remembering All Who Serve & Have Served

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FAQ – Workplace Giving Frequently Asked Questions

support our troopsThe National Remember Our Troops Campaign is a 501(c)(3) military and veterans charity dedicated to remembering the service and sacrifice of all military servicemembers, all veterans and their families, supporting those in need and letting them know they are not forgotten.

On this page we are going to provide you with a few necessary details and answer the questions that are most often asked.

Donate To Help Veterans

A Typical Card Signing Table

Setting-up and hosting a Card Signing Table at your business is simple and easy. Finding an employee who will volunteer to HOST your table should also be a simple and easy.

Your volunteer will be expected to have a good understanding of NROTC, so they can accurately communicate our mission and correctly answer any questions about our organization. Most of this is easily accomplished by reading here on our website. In an effort to prevent any volunteer from misrepresenting NROTC to any employee or customer at your table, NROTC has Volunteer Coordinators who provide group or one-on-one BASIC TRAINING for each volunteer. We accomplish this with webinars and/or personal phone calls. Your volunteer will also be required to sign a Workplace Volunteer Agreement. Misrepresentation is a big issue with NROTC. It is important to us that if someone asks a question about NROTC, that they receive a truthful and accurate answer. Your company can have more than one volunteer at a Card Signing Station.

(Your employee volunteer signs this one)

The Agreement you sign for your company as a Workplace Card Signing Station, if you haven’t already, is here; NROTC Workplace Volunteer Card Signing STATION Agreement

Donation Containers:
As mentioned on our previous pages, “Donations are the life’s blood of most charities including NROTC and donations do not magically drop out of the sky”. NROTC DOES NOT REQUIRE A DONATION CONTAINER AT YOUR CARD SIGNING STATION… We hope that your station will have a donation container. Donation dollars help support veterans and their families in need.

What about Table Graphics, signage, banners etc.?… Does NROTC supply these?

YES, You will find a nice selection of table graphics and such further below on this page.

How does my company or my volunteer/volunteers obtain the blank NROTC “Thank You For Your Service” and “Get Well Soon Cards” for signing?

There are several ways to do this… FIRST,
PRINT CARDS FROM ANY COMPUTER PRINTER. These files print 8.5 x 11 inches in color. Fold them once and fold them again and you have perfect 4.25 x 5.5 inch cards. Print these cards for your Card Signing Table further down on this page.
SECOND, ORDER your 3.5″ X 5″ beautiful color glossy postcards directly from NROTC also further down on this page. These postcards can be ordered in quantities of as little as 200 postcards for only $12.50 per pack including shipping. Larger companies participating in our program can order larger quantities.

Your employees are going to ask;
“Can I have some of these cards for my friends and relatives to sign?”

As mentioned above, your employees/volunteers may print out their own OR, purchase these cards from NROTC in quantities of as little as 200 postcards for $12.50 per pack including shipping.

There is another option; Your company can purchase a larger quantity of postcards from NROTC and make these cards available to your employees. You can decide if your company wants to charge your employees/volunteers for these cards… OR NOT!

When your company purchases postcards, NROTC cannot issue a tax-deductable donation receipt for this purchase. IRS rules prohibit this when your company is receiving goods. YOUR COMPANY CAN DONATE TO NROTC SEPARATELY HERE ON OUR WEBSITE OR WITH A COMPANY CHECK BY MAIL.



Just like your company does not want your employees saying mistruths about your company, NROTC is very sensitive to the same and… in the case of public charities… who are regulated by the states and the IRS, TRUTHFUL REPRESENTATION IS A REQUIREMENT!… We go through great lengths to insure that our volunteers ONLY communicate who we are and what we do in a truthful and accurate manner. This is why Volunteer Basic Training and a Volunteer Agreement IS REQUIRED.

As a Workplace Volunteer Card Signing Station Company Participant, if your company purchases postcards from NROTC we are counting on you to only issue postcards to your employees who can show you a “Authorized NROTC Volunteer” email from NROTC. Your volunteers receive their “Authorization” after they “Register” and complete their “Basic Training”.

Anyone at your company who is interested in volunteering can learn more and REGISTER FIRST AT

Can my company do this anywhere in the USA?

YES and NO, While your company can collect signed postcards in any state, your company cannot solicit donations in every state. Many states require charities be registered and approved by the particular state agency having authority over fundraising activity in their state.

NROTC is NOT registered and approved in every state. This is a new program and we are still in the process of getting registered in many states. Currently the only states where your company can solicit donations are:

CA, CO, DE, FL, IA, ID, IN, MD, MO, MT, ND, NE, NJ, NV, OK, SD, TX, VT, and WY

How does my company return signed cards and send any donations received by those signing their cards?

At the completion of your event, you, your workplace volunteer or someone you designate should FIRST, report the results of your activity ONLINE at:

NEXT, Print a copy of the ONLINE TRACKING SHEET. Send it along with your signed cards and if donations were accepted, provide a company check or money order for all donations received, made payable to NROTC.

Mail To:

122 Greenwood Court
Cross Junction, VA 22625

Are donations to NROTC tax-deductable?

Other than the purchase of NROTC postcards, YES, The National Remember Our Troops Campaign, Inc. (“NROTC”) is a nonprofit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under IRS § 501(c)(3). All donations or contributions made payable to NROTC are fully tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. EIN: 26-0098940

Matching Funds/Gifts:
NROTC accepts Matching Funds/Gifts however, IRS treats Matching Funds/Gifts differently in regards to tax-deductibilty and proper procedures to follow. Your company may or may not already have a Matching Funds/Gifts program in place. To understand these procedures check with an accounting professional, your corporate giving or accounting department.

To learn more about Matching Funds/Gifts, visit:
Tax Benefits of Corporate Matching Gifts: The Basics

Fundraising Matches:
“Fundraising Matches” is another form of corporate giving and this may be a better fit for your company. Learn more about Fundraising Matches and ten other forms of corporate giving here:

Eleven Types of Corporate Giving Programs

Notifying NROTC of your upcoming Card Signing Event in advance:

While this is NOT required, NROTC does appreciate knowing of your upcoming event/events in advance. Doing this is simple and easy. Click Register Your Event on the right scroll-bar here on our website. You will need to scroll up from here to see it.

Prior to conducting any NROTC event, especially if your company plans to do advertising, please also read: NROTC EVENT GUIDELINES

Regarding any press release of your NROTC event, your company is restricted to the use of only one graphic unless you have additional approval from NROTC. For more information see NROTC PRESS RELEASE TEMPLATE.

Does NROTC provide my company with any recognition should we decide to sponsor a Card Signing Station?

YES, At the bottom of every page on our website is space where we can include your corporate logo and a link to your corporate website. As this is a new program for NROTC, we will be pleased to do this as our way of saying THANK YOU for your participation!


Donations are the life’s blood of many charities including NROTC. According to The National Council of Nonprofits, “Most charitable nonprofits rely upon the generosity of donors for some or all of their funding. Consequently, fundraising is an activity of major importance to the nonprofit sector.”

According to The Institute for Human Services, “All nonprofits rely on volunteers to accomplish the work they do.

According to The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), about 154,000 Veterans are homeless on a typical night in America. Over the course of a year, approximately twice that many experience homelessness.

Government money, while important, is limited, and available services are often at capacity. Many veterans fall through the cracks! It is critical, therefore, that nonprofit groups reach out to help provide the support, resources and opportunities that most Americans take for granted.

According to The National Coalition For Homeless Veterans, the most effective programs for homeless and at-risk veterans are nonprofit groups.


Where can I learn more about NROTC?


Right Here On Our Website, Feel free to do your due diligence. We recommend that you start by visiting our “Home” page. Click “Home” from the top menu bar above.

If you have other questions, contact Tom Ruley, NROTC Founder and Past President, by email at or call 410-687-3568 between 9:00am to 5:00pm EST Monday through Friday.



Read and sign the NROTC Workplace Volunteer Card Signing Station Agreement

For NROTC’s program information page return to

Send employees interested in volunteering here:

Send your volunteers here for BASIC TRAINING:

Information for Postcard Signing volunteers:

Order Postcards and Table Supplies Here:

READ NROTC’s Whitepaper on Corporate Philanthropy and Workplace Volunteerism

Please provide any FEEDBACK

help homeless veterans

PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION TODAY! When it comes to asking for money to support our active-duty troops, our wounded heroes, homeless and disadvantaged veterans or their families, we can never ask for too much… however, all we ask, is that you just do what you can.


Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served

Remembering All Who Serve and Have Served
Celebrating Over A Decade of Service

National Remember Our Troops Campaign, Inc. (“NROTC”) is a Maryland nonprofit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under IRS § 501(c)(3). All donations or contributions made payable to NROTC are fully tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. EIN: 26-0098940

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